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Yet another farewell

Many many ATC members ventured out to the Rose and Crown to spend an evening with Annie and Keith Clifford ahead of their move back to the Midlands.

Keith and Annie have done so much for the theatre club over the years they've lived in Ashwell - Annie has been a prompt for many productions, she's made costumes and props, sorted out overflowing cupboards, researched and ordered the theatre grade curtain tracking we have now at the back of the stage, washed and laundered costumes, made the black curtains that hang around our prompt box and so much more. Keith has done as much as Annie off stage for ATC. As well as building sets, making props, organising shelving in cupboards, helping with the curtain track and providing our stage extension legs, Keith has starred in many productions. Whether it was hamming it up as a pantomime dame or bringing us back to earth as a grieving father who had lost in son in WWI, Keith has kept us entertained.

The joy of having Keith and Annie in ATC has been seeing how much enjoyment they have got from being involved. We will miss them both enormously and can't wait to see them when they come back to see our future productions.

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