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Last Tango In Ashwell

On Saturday 18th March ATC put on 'Last Tango In Ashwell', a one act play by David Tristram which had been adapted (and 'localised') by director Christine Schwick.

The play has only four roles, two male and two female, and tells the story of an Amateur Dramatic Society which has dwindling membership, dwindling audiences and large debts. In order to 'go out with a bang rather than a whimper' and attempt to pay off some of the debts the four remaining members agree to put on a 'sex play'. As you might imagine, hilarity ensues.

We were delighted to welcome 3 newcomers to the Ashwell's stage for this performance; David Collinson took the lead in his first ever production; Sally Jackson, new to Ashwell, but not new to performing, showed us her wonderful acting skills; and Carol Fiske, an ATC member who has previously helped out backstage, gave an acting masterclass. They were joined on stage by ATC acting veteran Keith Clifford.

An extremely funny script coupled with fantastic direction and superb performances all round made 'Last Tango In Ashwell' a performance nobody should have missed. If you did miss out, don't worry - there are two more plays by David Tristram that follow 'Last Tango ...'. We're sure they'll be making their way on to Ashwell's stage before too long.

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